November 30, 2011

DEB#008 - Ambiento

Side A <download>
Japancakes - And Begin [Belmondo, Darla, 2002]
Brian McBride - Several Tries (In An Unelevated Style) [The Effective Disconnect, Kranky, 2010]
Popol Vuh - Aguirre I [Aguirre, SPV, 2004]
Belong - I Never Lose. Never Really [October Language, Carpark Records, 2006]

Side B <download>
Muhr - We're Still Standing [Everything is ok, we're still standing, Camomille, 2011]
Ben Frost - Killshot [By The Throat, Bedroom Community, 2009]
Fennesz - Seven Stars [Seven Stars, Touch, 2011]
Rosy Parlane - Part One [Jessamine, Touch, 2006]

Beer: Newcastle Brown Ale


1 comment:

  1. là on vous entend pas et c'est très bien comme ça.

    Ambiento les gars