December 26, 2011

DEB#010 - Fun of the last century

Side A  <download>
Hood - How Can You Drag Your Body Blindly Through? [The Cycle Of Days And Seasons, Domino, 1999]
The Third Eye Foundation - I'm Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired [You Guys Kill Me, Labels, 1998]
Arab Strap - Here We Go [Philophobia, Chemikal Underground, 1998]
Baby Bird - Failed Old Singer[Fatherhood, Baby Bird Recordings, 1995]
Six By Seven - Brillantly Cute [The Things We Make, Mantra Recordings, 1998]

Side B  <download>
Hood - I Can't Find My Brittle Youth Cold House, Domino, 2001]
Piano Magic - The Fun Of The Century [Low Birth Weight, Rocket Girl, 1999]
Electroscope - Where Pinguins Are A Force For Good [Electroscope / Stasola 7", Lykill Records, 1999]
Electroscope - Turbine [Electroscope / Stasola 7", Lykill Records, 1999]
PJ Harvey - In The Dark Places [Let England Shake, Island, 2011]
Arab Strap - Rocket, Take Your Turn [Fukd I.D. #2, Chemikal Underground, 2000]

Red Wine: St-Saphorin, 2010, Domaine du Burignon, Lavaux AOC Ville de Lausanne


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