April 18, 2012

DEB#018 - Derniers achats (mais pas que)

Side A  <download>
Mike Wexler - Pariah [Dispossession, Mexican Summer, 2012]
Grateful Dead - Alligator (extrait) [Anthem Of The Sun, Warner Bros., 1968]
Husnu Ozkartal Orkestrasi - Su Derenin Sulari [Psych Funk 101, World Psychedelic Funk Classics, 2009]
Sylvester Anfang II - Sloow Flanger [Commune Cassetten, Blackest Rainbow, 2012]
Golden Calves - Rideshare Infiltrates (For Jim Shaw) [Golden Calves Money Band LP + Century Band 12", Woodsist, 2012]

Side B  <download>
Abner Jay - The Reason Young People Use Drugs [True Story Of Abner Jay, Mississippi Records, 2009]
Radikal Satan - Barcelona [La Fièvre Noire, Les Potagers Natures, 2005]
Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo - Embarrassed Teen Accidentally Uses Valuable Rare Postage Stamp [Strange But True, Matador, 1998]
Six Organs Of Admittance - Shelter From The Ash [Shelter From The Ash, Drag City, 2007]
Sigurd - No Sex, No Drugs, No Rock'N'Roll [Doppelgänger, Gentlemen, 2006]
Marvin - Noise Olympique [Marvin, autoproduit, 2007]
Cheveu -  Impossible Is Not French [1000, Born Bad Records, 2011]

Date: Fri, March 10, 2012 
Location: Gaëtan's living room @ Lausanne 
Beers: Belhaven St. Andrews Ale

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