August 30, 2012

DEB#028 - Rentrée des crasses

Date: Thursday, august 30, 2012
Location: Gaetan's living room @ Lausanne
Red Wine: Ancelor, 2009, Olivier et Louis Fonjallaz

Tracklist:  <mp3>
Swell Maps - The Helicopter Spies (Jane From Occupied Europe, Secretly Canadian, RE 2004)
Quickspace - Rise (Rise, Kitty Kitty Corporation, 1996)
Magik Markers - Last Of The Lemach Line (Boss, Ecstatic Peace!, 2007)
Patti Smith Group - Babelogue/Rock'n'Roll Nigger (Easter, Arista, 1978)
Erase Errata -  Ca. Viewing (At Crystal Palace, Blast First, 2003)
Nisennenmondai - Itkyokume (Tori/Neji, Heartworm Press, 2008)
This Heat - Horizonal Hold (This is Heat/Out Of Cold Storage, This Is, 2006)
French Doctors - Untitled 2 (Au Chevet Des Blessés, Ronda, 2012)
Shellac - The Admiral (At Action Park, Touch and Go, 1994)

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