January 25, 2012

DEB#012 - Mollo

Side A:  <download>
Mickey Newbury - Heaven Help The Child [An American Trilogy, Saint Cecilia Knows, 2011]
Black Heart Procession - On Ships Of Gold [Three, Touch & Go, 2000]
The Hardy Tree - Long Gone [The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath, Clay Pipe Music, 2010]
Christina Rosenvinge - Lost In D [Foreign Land, Smell Like Records, 2002]

Side B:  <download>
Tristeza - Building Peaks [Dream Signals In Full Circles, Tigerstyle, 2000]
Bedhead - The Rest Of The Day [Bedheaded,  Touch & Go, 2001]
Nagisa Ni Te - Deserting You [On The Love Beach, Jagjaguwar, 2002]
Beck - Nobody's Fault But My Own [Mutations, Geffen, 1998]
Jean-Louis Murat - Je Ne Saurais Dire Ce Qui Me Plait [L'Au-Delà EP, Labels, 2002]

Red Wine: Bordeaux, Château Teyssier 2010

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